We are almost finished with the post-production of the first two videos in this series called “Mysteries Beyond the Open Gate”, featuring the late David Van Koevering. We had no idea that we would be the last ones to interview him on his knowledge of Quantum Physics, God and how to claim your God-given destiny. David passed away on January 30, 2018, and he will be deeply missed.

His knowledge and depth of God were shared with our film crew and it changed our lives forever. We know “Mysteries Beyond the Open Gate” will change yours!

The Creator is calling for us to “Come Up Here”. For those who have ears to hear and eyes to see, you have been chosen to pursue this path. We hope this documentary series will help you pursue this calling… “Mysteries Beyond the Open Gate”.

David Van Koevering carried a passion for life, people and helping those fulfill their scrolls.

The first two parts of this amazing transformational teaching explore Quantum Physics, the power of your intent and spoken words, connectivity to God and Heaven and much more. Learn who you really are and the amazing “being” God has created you to be.

Find out the mysteries of God and go past the veil that was torn. It is time for us to realize who we are as a believer in Christ.

Beyond the Veil is an ongoing series which will change your life. The truths in this series will set you free!

“David, from all of us at Ken Shaw Films – we miss you. Thank you for sharing your revelational wisdom with us. We know you are in the cloud of witnesses and are cheering us on. We hope you love what we’ve done with your interview but more importantly, God’s message to mankind”.