June 12, 2021 – Saturday – 9am – 6pm

The Well of Nashville Church

We are absolutely thrilled to bring you a most incredible event called, “Thou ‘ART’ In Heaven – Releasing the Arts on Earth” featuring Ray Hughes, Bill Miller and James Nesbit. Get your tickets while they last, with limited seating (80 Only) for this one-day event at The Well of Nashville order yours today.

In this one day event Saturday, June 12, 9:00 am – 6:00 pm, these incredible artists, musicians, and craftsmen will reveal to us their process of tapping into heaven and bringing down to earth God’s beautiful creations, whether it be painting, digital art, writing, or even song-writing. The floor is open for these Levites of our time so whatever they want to bring will be awesome. Prepare to feast on God’s goodness!

Please continue to thank God for Ray Hughes’s healing. We are standing with him. If by chance he can’t make the trip he will live stream him into the conference.

Tickets are only $35 for this event so register now.

There are two ways to attend:
1. In-person (80 Seat Capacity Only) – – – – SOLD OUT!!!
2. Watch Online
You can still purchase an online ticket below!