Mysteries Beyond the Open Gate

Men of the Awakening Fire

“Men of the Awakening Fire” is a 2 Part documentary featuring Justin Paul Abraham, Ian Clayton, Grant Mahoney, Timothy Bence and Ray Hughes. Join the journey into the mysteries of God. Learn who you are as a “son” and “daughter” of God. 

Women of the Awakening Fire

“Women of the Awakening Fire” Documentary is 1 Hr and 30 Minutes of Revelation content…

“Beyond honored to be part of this powerful documentary that Ken Shaw has created, along side of some of the most amazing and powerful, fire-carrier women of our time! Ken Shaw, your work is Incredible!”. – Corina Tonz-Pataki

Mysteries Beyond the Open Gate


“I just watched two INCREDIBLE documentary-videos and OMG….i am blown away by the AMAZING information and revelation found in them! I LOVE Quantum Physics… this unseen world that physicists and scientists have “stumbled” upon at its subatomic level because it totally reveals God! It reveals His kingdom realms, His word, His power … it reveals everything that we CAN and are supposed to do, in and through the Lord Jesus Christ. I encourage whosoever is HUNGRY and desires deeper TRUTH, to check them out and get ready to be shocked, stretched and challenged to operate in ALL that God has made available for you, as you go INTO The Mysteries Beyond the Open Gate”. – Corina Tonz-Pataki


“The first time I heard of David Van Koevering, Jesus spoke his name in a heavenly encounter about the rocks speaking, and now Ken Shaw Films is releasing Davids wisdom and the rocks are calling out also!” Tim Bence


“This video series with David Van Koevering has some extremely rich, life-changing revelation, shared by a true pioneer and forerunner.” John Tussey

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